Saturday, 30 July 2011

Welcome to R-Garage

R-Garage is a blog where i record my trials and tribulations regarding my R/C hobby.

A short note about me… I have been into modelling every since being very young, ranging from everything and including the likes of Lego, Mechano and Airfix and eventually moving onto the R/C world.

I started my initial years of R/C with the good old Tamiya TL01 chassis which i spent many an hour crashing into the sideboards and road kerbs in an attempt to learn the art of R/C control. With suitable experience under my belt (and many repairs later) i moved upwards and invested in better equipment. At the time this was an HPI RS4 Rally chassis, which was without doubt superb, and i wish i had never eventually sold it as they are now no longer produced and like hens teeth!

However at the time of sale i was concentrating on other things, mainly getting my working life and career off the ground, and i had discovered i was now allowed to own and operate a vehicle on Britain's roads, so my attention was diverted for a few years and my R/C time was cut severely short.

These days i am a bit older, works going well and i have a new house with plenty of space to work and plenty of areas to go and play. So its with this i decided to revive my fondness for the R/C world.

Now i am no professional or racer, more of a hobbyist and a basher at best, and i enjoy fixing and working on models as much as i like to operate them, as well as just admire them sometimes. So i now have a list of things i want to purchase and basically get back into the game.

I decided my first stepping stone should be something rugged and off road capable, and with my love for HPI still strong, i have selected the Savage X 4.6 Big Block to get me off to a start.

As well as a bunch of spares and a few tuning items, the truck (at the time of posting) is soon to be delivered, and i hope to post my experiences of the near present and future development.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and welcome you to comment or pass on any interesting information.



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