Friday, 12 August 2011

Roto-fail Update 1

After the last post i set about working out what would need replacing to get the Savage up and running again.

Thankfully the instruction manual has a nice comprehensive list and diagrams showing what goes where, and all labelled with the part numbers.

15 minutes later i had worked out what i needed and got it ordered online through Apex Models.

At the same time i sent a message to the Technical Services team at HPI UK, mostly asking advice on how to prevent it happening again.

I went to check my email this morning and had already received a response back from their team asking for a bit more information and some pictures of the damage. So i promptly sent a copy of the images seen in the previous post and within 10 minutes i had received another response saying they would replace the cover plate and back plate!

Very pleased with that and a double thumbs up for the team at HPI UK!

Just wish i had touched that base first instead of ordering new parts! But at least ill have a set of spares should something else happen in future.

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