Saturday, 13 August 2011

Roto-fail Update 2

Double happy today! Woke up to find a jiffy bag on the door mat containing the replacement parts for the wrecked cover plate and case.

Exceptional service from HPI UK i must admit.

The parts i received are…

  • HPI Part No. 87119 (Case for back plate unit)
  • HPI Part No. 1426 (Cover plate)


I am excited to get these fitted and have the truck back up and running, but forcing myself to hang fire while other items arrive from elsewhere. Mainly I've got some thread lock and lubes on the way to ensure a proper job and hopefully stop it from happening again.

So sadly, looks like no Savage action this weekend…

On another plus note i did receive a reply back from Horizon Hobby regarding the lack of length to the telemetry sensors for the SR3300T.

Sadly it was just a rep from the company sending me a link to the HH online shop for telemetry extensions… which are too long and don't appear to have the same type of connectors.

Shame that, so I've decided i will speak to friends in the know when it comes to electronics and get the wires extended by other means.

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