Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Savage X ready to rock and roll…. again

On a plus note for the Savage X i receive a Jiffy Bag from Modelsport UK today and in there were the suspension components needed to replace the destroyed turnbuckle end-piece.


The part number is 100949 and as you imagine you cant buy the single bit you want (unless your LHS will split a pack?) but at least there are plenty more spares to destroy…!


A simple case of reassembling the turnbuckle and getting the ball joint installed the right way round, There is also a scale guide in the manual to help you set it up. Just be aware one end is a left handed thread! That threw me for a while!

Simply reattach to the upright and the chassis and the X is good to go again! Might treat it to a run out tomorrow…

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