Sunday, 9 October 2011

Big Bag!

Its a bag review… on an RC blog…

That much is true, but your equipment is as important, if not more, than your model.

After all,  when something goes wrong what are you going to use to fix it, or tune it when the weather has turned out to be something what you weren't expecting?

Most importantly how are you going to carry it and keep it handy, especially when you are away from home.

Now there are many different ways to do this but personally i prefer something that doesnt tie my hands up. I do have an aluminium cantilever tool box, but that’s a hand carry item, and your other hand will most likely be carrying your model, so where does the radio go, or your jug of fuel?

Plus if you are off to a bashing ground that requires a short walk, perhaps along some land that doesnt accommodate a vehicle, it wont be long before you have the strain of your equipment pulling on your shoulders.

Now i personally like to carry my laptop in a rucksack case, rather than one of the “over the shoulder” types. So i had a look around to see if there was a tool bag version, and i wasn’t left disappointed.

There is a few to choose from if you have a look on Google but the Makita P-72017 stood out quite nicely.

Its a simple enough looking rucksack…


The front has a couple of options for storing things, the blue stripe is the top of a flush pocket and the “X” shape which bares the Makita logo is also sufficient for holding low profile items


Nice big thick padded straps ensure this wont be much of a chore to carry when loaded up


A pocket on either side of the main bag, ones made of a mesh material



A front zipped storage are with a few internal pouches for organizing tools.


And the main zipped compartment, which has a dual zip designed and the whole centre section opens up, also plenty more pouches inside. This area will easily fit several large LiPo Safe Bag’s.


And the best bit…


In the bottom there is a dedicated purpose fit organizer!


Now the tools section wont be the most ideal area for putting some of the smaller and more intricate tools that you will have, but you could happily have a small tool case for that sort of thing to keep in the main bag and keep them organized.

The materials and build quality are exceptional, it’s all very tough and hardwearing, but that said, being a Makita product its most likely destined for tougher situations like building sites!

The parts organiser is also well made and constructed from good plastics. Nicely sized sections for all your small bits and pieces and spare parts.

The minor downside is the price, they generally come in around the £60 mark, but you are getting a very nice and solid bag in the process.

I'm yet to fully put it through its paces, but i cant happily say this will indefinitely become the “Bashing Bag!”

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