Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Flux HP fixed. Revo 3.3 being a pain!

I don’t know why, but the Revo 3.3 is proving to be a bit of a nightmare to get into an acceptably tuned state.

I took the truck out this evening to spend an hour or so fine tuning all the elements of the engine to get it running nicely.

To start with the EZ Start worked great this time, must have been new engine teething problems the other day when it was just being troublesome.

But once running, the idle was off (and kept stalling), it bogged down under initial acceleration and performed in a terrible manner when reaching the higher RPM’s

I did all i could to try and rectify the problem, but just ended up making things worse i think due to getting a bit frustrated and not adjusting things with too much precision.

I returned home and reset the needles and idle screw all back to the factory settings, ill have another fresh crack at it very soon.

On the other hand, i got the Flux HP into a better state after walloping the ESC a few days back!

Acquired some items from Maplin Electronics, consisting of some heat shrink tubes, double sided sticky foam and some connector lube.


Top marks to the makers of “Contralube 770” for the comedy packaging comments!


Basically this stuff is a special type of lubricant that stops connectors seizing together, protects from the elements and most importantly, doesnt affect conductivity, in fact it can help to improve it. You sometimes see something similar on the terminals of your car battery (normally a blue/green colour) but that's a bit heavy duty for this application. The Contralube 770 is more aimed at the precision side of electronics, its clear and much thinner. It will set you back around £7.50 for a tube, but it is a big tube and it'll last for a very long time.

Replace the sticky pads on the mount for the ESC, easy enough…


Heat shrink on the damaged wire…


This worked out nicely, as the bullet is much larger than the actual wire, and you should always aim to have a snug fit on the heat shrink before you actually heat it. It normally shrinks to about 50% of its starting size, but the tighter the seal the better. Thankfully buying some that is just a bit bigger than the bullet and ensuring there is a decent length down the wire did a good job. Looks like new again! If your never sure about what size to get, just take the motor with you and the guys at Maplin are normally exceptionally helpful.

Next, put a healthy layer of Contralube on the bullet…



Be quite generous with it rather than a light smear, most will push back out of the connector as it is, just remember to mop that up with a rag.

And re-assemble, including replacing the tie wrap…


A quick bench test and a run up the street and its working great again. No adverse conditions caused by the blunder!

And to finish off, here’s the waiting room! The Revo 3.3 in for tuning, the Savage X for its spur gear replacement, the Flux HP ready to roll again and the E-Revo just chilling!


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