Saturday, 15 October 2011

FWD Savage

I recently got hold of a replacement One Way bearing (OWB) after the original one locked up on my Savage X 4.6, and with a bit of time on my hands i decided to get it put back together.

A replacement item is HPI Part Number - 1430, and they aren't cheap, about £15 to replace… ouch!

Interestingly as i took another look at the old one one of the pins inside fell out, so it was definitely a failure of the part itself.


I found it easiest to mount the OWB in the Rotostart, then just apply it to the shaft with the holes lined up, then bolt it down…


A quick squirt of WD40 and manually spin the starter backwards…



Then refit the rear part of the chassis, at this point i noticed the driveshaft has been eating away at the cup joint, maybe a bit too much grease and dirt creating a grinding paste…


Either way the Savage is once again back in  one piece, so decided to take it out for a session…


Of course, this being me i should have started a sweepstake for the next thing to go wrong!

The truck was running great, until the handling and performance suddenly seemed to be very off, and it soon became apparent that the front tyres were ballooning quite a lot.

I pulled it up and took a look underneath, and suspicions confirmed, there was no power coming out the rear of the gearbox, or so i thought, initially fearing a gearbox failure, i noticed the shaft still spinning in the cup joint, then it dawned that the shoulder screw had made a bid for freedom!


Being as i was bashing in a sandy/grassy/rocky area there was no way i was ever going to find it! So called it a day and will have to obtain some new ones. Thankfully they are about £2 for a dozen… and ill make sure its thread locked in future!

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