Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mixed Fortunes

A quick roundup of the weekends doings.


First i tried a little more with the Revo 3.3 after being excited that it will idle. I took it out and even had it running in a slightly groggy way. It kept cutting out, stalling and had serious fuelling issues at the top end, but it felt like i was making progress.

However, in the midst of doing the usual needle tuning, i got to a strange point where it would stall and then completely fail to get going again, it wouldn't even start or maintain idle properly, so once again i have been disappointed. To be honest I'm ready for giving up with it. I may contact Traxxas to see what they say, but feel with the breaking down and messing around with the engine in bits they may not take too kindly about me moaning about it not working right!

Either way i just don't think its a good engine. It wasn't put together well and its a nightmare to tune. Either that or i just have a total lemon?

I'm going to let a friend take a look at it and see if a fresh pair of eyes (and fingers) can get it going. Other than that, ill be investing a new engine, which most likely will not be another TRX 3.3, but will be an OS 21TM. A bit more expensive, but i know and trust the quality of OS engines and know it will deliver the goods.


I then had a bit of a revelation, as i decided to take the Savage X out for a run.

I attempted a “system check” at home before going out, and it was running horrible! Struggled to start and idle… sounds familiar?

I refrained from altering the needles and decided to just get out, so i could give it a good run. But again, it struggled, the starting was difficult and then it ran hopelessly bad, and would cut out as the engine revved down.

Beyond that it blew the slipper clutch again…


It then dawned on me that the fuel i was using was perhaps no good?

Then i remembered where that fuel had been stored.

Up until recently i had been storing my fuel in an old kitchen cabinet that had been removed from the house when installing a dishwasher. It was ideal for the job.

However i have recently spent some time clearing out the garage/workshop and remembered i had removed items from the old cupboard and placed them elsewhere. One of them being a brand new jug of fuel that i put under the bench and subsequently on a concrete floor. At the time i wasn't thinking and didn't replace it as i should, but you shouldn't store Nitro fuel on a concrete surface. The reason being (or so I've been told) is it causes the Nitro-Methane to leach out from the fuel itself.

Was a dud batch (through my own fault) of fuel the cause of my Revo 3.3 having continual problems?

I set of straight away to the local model shop PBM Racing to obtain some new fuel.


Sadly the Revo’s troubles were not immediately cured! But i was determined not to slave over it anymore this weekend and get out and do some bashing.

And as a bonus today, i teamed up with a friend with a HPI Baja 5B for a session… the first time I've seen one in action (and had a quick go)… and now want one!

We had a excellent afternoon. I was accompanied by the Savage X (with a fresh slipper) and the E-Revo. I had already done a test with the Savage at home and it fired instantly on the first blip from the Rotostart, obviously the bad fuel had been having a major effect.

Out in the field, the Savage was running beautifully, better than it has ever ran to be honest, and it was great seeing how well it kept up with the 5B. But for outright brutality it wasn't a patch on it!

For most of the session we had a course and made sure we were giving each other room, until one slip and a lack of communication had the 5B and the Savage head-butt each other!

At first it looked like it was a simple nose-to-nose collision, where the Savage has its bumpers against the 5B’s heavy duty plates it looked as though the impact had been absorbed.

However a closer look at the Savage revealed a wet patch on the floor and wet tyres… can only be one thing…


Oops! What looked like a frontal collision was actually the 5B getting a direct hit on the Savage’s fuel tank! A shot in a million to be honest, as nothing else was affected! Including the linkages and all suspension parts, which is a bonus!

Quite a kick up the arse as the Savage had been running so well up to this point!

Mind, the 5B didn't get off lightly after getting friendly with a post and trashing a suspension arm!


Regardless of the errors it was a great afternoon! Here as short video of the two on a small sandbank, no crash footage I'm afraid as i had accidently switched the camera into the wrong mode when it happened!

Savage X and 5B

All was not lost though, the E-Revo came out for a go, running under full 6S power for the first time. A huge leap up in performance compared to 4S, you really have to dial in the power when running this way, otherwise you end up with a back flip and then several meters of that horrible body shell scraping noise!. No problems or fails and nothing more to report here! The E-Revo ran flawless, and i have a bit of a test to run with it soon that demonstrates the difference in LiPo configurations and compared to NiMH batteries.

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