Saturday, 1 October 2011

More bashing, more problems!

More amazing weather today, so off to the bashing grounds for another session.

Fancied a bit of Nitro action as i had been using the electric stuff mostly this week, and with the Savage X 4.6 in a state of readiness i took it with me, as well as the Flux HP

I would have liked to start on the Revo 3.3 today, but didn't fancy being out too long in a very unsheltered area under the sun we have had today.

The X started first time without fail, despite being sat for quite a while, and it soon became apparent that it was running a bit groggy. So a few tweaks on the carb to match it to the weather and a few speed runs, it was running as strong as ever.

However just as my first tank was about to be depleted i turned and approached my pit area, only for the tell-tale scream from the engine and no forward motion…


The spur gear had stripped! I do have some spares, but seriously looking at going for the metal gear and a new stronger clutch bell as this appears to be a common fault on the Savage X.

Thankfully i had the Flux HP with me so didn’t have to sulk off home early.

I spent almost an hour tearing around with 2 sets of Overlander 3S batteries, getting over 25minutes for one pair and 27minutes for the other pair, once again, LiPo’s demonstrating fantastic run times.

Only one slight issue running the HP, it did take a bit of a tumble at one point, and either something pointy made its way in, or the body deflected quite heavily, as the ESC had been dislodged from its position.


It had been pulled away from the sticky pads but held in place by the tie wrap.

Once of the motor wires also took a bit of damage, slightly splitting the insulation, i will have to repair this with some heat shrink before it runs again.


It must have also arced in the connector as there was some discolouration inside…


This was easy enough to clean out with some very fine wet and dry paper.

The ESC is easy enough to get out in order to replace the tie, the pads and check any other damage, thankfully there was none.

Its a shame it doesn't have some better protection. It would only need some extensions from the central roll hoop to the rear suspension upright, similar to the head protection cage that is supplied with the Savage X, i may put those parts into the HP to test how well it fairs.


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