Friday, 21 October 2011

Project HyperFresh - Part 2.2

Just the final parts of the chassis strip down and starting to clean bits up.

Now completely down to just the plate and a few things that remained attached to it…


Cleaned up the chassis plate using mainly Nitro fuel, if you not familiar, it sounds a waste but remember its mostly made of methanol, so its an excellent degreaser! I always follow it up with a generous spray of GT85 (PTFE Spray) as fuel will also contain oils which leave a slimy feel to anything.

Chassis came up a treat…


For any intricate parts, such as these engine mounts…


Put half an inch of fuel into a jar, making sure you remove the jam, curry sauce or whatever came in it first…


Put the lid on, and the swish the part around in the fuel, pick it back out, blast it down with GT85 (or compressed air), and there you have it, a cost effective washing machine!


For the heat fins on an engine block, and all the general awkward shapes, a cheap medium bristle paint brush is king. Dunk it in some fuel and scrub away at the engine block, but do be careful around the carb…


Looks like new!


The Hyper 7 comes with a serviceable fuel filter, so i pulled it all apart, thankfully finding nothing nasty in the chamber. Then submersed the tank in a bucket with some fuel tube attached, holding one of the other ports with my finger end and tested for leaks by blowing into the tube. Common problems here are cheap tanks can crack at the seams, and almost any tank will need a new o-ring for the cap at some point. Thankfully no bubbles came from the tank even though my face had gone purple…


Happy that HoBao use good tanks and nice and strong cap springs, i built it back up ready for its return to the chassis…


All the other parts such as the engine plate, servo saver and receiver box were just wiped down with a combination of fuel and GT85, to rid them of any muck and grime build up.

Other than the suspension frames, everything is now cleaned and ready to go back together, i will work independently on each frame, clean them down and do the shock and diff oils all in one hit.

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