Monday, 24 October 2011

Project HyperFresh - Part 3

Starter replacement.

With the fitted pull start being a bit on the tired side, i seized the opportunity with the engine out to get it replaced.

Luckily i found a reasonably priced electric start conversion system for the engine, thankfully doing away with the pull start altogether.


The worst thing is the starting wand is different to other starters i already have! So means another tool to carry round. However I'm looking at obtaining or getting something made for either this or the HPI Rotostart unit, so carrying two motor boxes wont be necessary.

The Q-World Torque Start is a slightly odd shaped unit compared to some, with the motor and spindle in the upper grip, and a containment area at the base to hold a 7.2v regular battery back.

The battery connector is also fed out through a hole in the front and then connects to the exposed connector on the front face. A bit of a messy design, but i suppose it does allow the battery to remain in the unit while being charged.


The wand does have a convenient storage slot above the battery compartment…


Installing the adaptor to the engine is very straight forward.

The pull start is held with 4 cap screws, and the unit then pulls away from the shaft…



Apply the adaptor…


Add the gear…


And a dash of grease…


Then fit the cover, and secure it with the screws provided…


A quick blip from the starter and it spins the engine great, and as a result there will be no scraped knuckles when it comes to getting it going!

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