Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Project HyperFresh - Part 4

A few more bits done today.

There was a dud screw in one of the suspension arms, that did nothing but spin, completely preventing me from getting the strut out (the one that goes through the ball joint).


So had to make the decision to destroy the suspension arm, but thankfully came out on top with eBay and found a new part for £3, compared to nearly £10 from elsewhere, but when it arrived it turns out the ad was for BOTH rear suspension arms! So a bargain had there.


Armed with a knife, hack saw and side nippers, i managed to cut away all the material and freed the shock with no damage at all.


Next i did a complete strip down of the shock absorbers and replaced the oil. I have put 650 cSt in the fronts and 500 cSt in the rears, please see my video on how to replace and rebuild the shocks!


And last off for tonight i put the suspension frames back together…


Just need to do the diffs, then can start putting it back together!

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