Friday, 28 October 2011

Project HyperFresh - Part 6

Starting the rebuild

Stripped, cleaned and replaced the oil in the centre diff. My diff oils now consist of…

  • 1k Front
  • 5k Centre
  • 3k Rear


Built the centre diff and brake disc assembly…


New bumpers for the front and rear… Part Number 87064


Attached the front suspension, drivetrain and steering mechanism…


Then the rear…


And finally tied it together with the driveshaft's and centre unit…


Amazing how something goes from a pile of parts that seemingly have no light at the end to something that significantly looks like the end product in less than an hour or so.

I'm psyched now as id like to get it done tomorrow and out to play soon after!

HoBao Hyper 7 TQ 21 Sport Diff Oil

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