Saturday, 29 October 2011

Project HyperFresh - Part 7

With the end in sight i went for a final push to get the Hyper 7 up and running.

Tank installed…


Engine mounts fitted…


Engine plate fitted…


Engine installed…


Now onto the revised electronics. When i got my hands on this Hyper 7 it had an array of various parts, including the standard fit HoBao HT-2 27mhz radio, along with an Acoms AR-2 receiver and the servos were made up of an Acoms AS-17 on the steering and a HoBao H-101 (Futaba S3003) on the throttle and brakes.

Although the radio and receiver still work, except for the usual glitch problems found with this type of setup, the steering servo wasn't really up to the job. It could turn the wheels as desired but not very quickly, and could get more lock in one direction compared to the other, meaning it was either getting tired or just wasn't powerful enough.

I had already decided that the receiver would be swapped out for a Spektrum item so it could be used with my DX3S, so made sense to do a total overhaul of the whole electronics system and get it all up to scratch.

The new units i chose are Power HD 1501MG servo’s.


Although they are considered to be in the budget bracket of servo’s they seem far from being cheap and nasty, they also (as the name suggest) have a complete set of metal gears inside. The speed and torque of these servo’s is also quite impressive with a 0.14sec and respectively. Either way they are a huge improvement over the servo’s that were there to start with.

They come with nice long and thick wires, as this is normally one thing that shows on a cheaper servo. Thin wires with less or smaller diameter cores are one of those things that are never completely obvious, but a thicker wire with substantially better ability to handle the current and signal passing through them can be a game breaker with your model.

A well stocked bag of horns and discs as well as fittings is also provided.


To fit the servo into the mounting plate, i did have to remove the bottom, this is a straight forward task and simply involves removing the four screws in the bottom of the case. do be careful though as they pass all the way through and also hold the top of the servo on!

There is a very thin blue seal around each of the end caps, which can be a bit on the fiddly side when trying to refit them.

The wire also has a good sturdy grommet attaching it to the servo case.


And the two servos mounted and ready to go…


Replaced the receiver box…


And this is the new receiver, a Spektrum SR300…


SR300 installed, wired up, bound, failsafe set and servo’s set to their zero position. I always find its worthwhile to do this, as most build manuals will have you install the servo’s and linkages on the assumption that the servo’s have not moved. Doing this will result in less manipulation required in future and by the trims.

Also added an Orion 1900 XL 6 cell stick pack to provide the power. Just need a switch with the proper connector as the original one has BEC connectors and this is normal 3pin receiver battery.


Then add the linkages…


New fuel lines…


New air filter, i went for this Schumacher item due to it being a dual stage filter…


Fitted it with the provided tube, but found it actually hit the body and then bent down a little close to all the moving parts once installed. So removed it and replaced with the standard HoBao filter pipe that positions it above the receiver box.


Finally… an O.S. No.8 plug!


Add the body, wing and some new wheels and tyres and Project HyperFresh is ready to go!


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