Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Scale things up with the Losi 5IVE-T

After being impressed by the HPI Baja 5B over the weekend I've unsurprisingly had my thoughts on getting a 1/5th scale petrol powered model to add to my collection.

Initially i looked at what HPI had to offer, and drawn to the 5SC trucks, especially in SS variance, as i would love to build it up myself.

However i couldn't help but notice the new 5IVE-T from Losi that is due to be released very soon.


One huge advantage for me is its included Spektrum SR3300T Telemetry Receiver, which will work perfect with my DX3S radio straight out the box.

Its also 4WD which i much prefer over the HPI 2WD, unfortunately though, it is only available as RTR, and not as a self build kit. It also looks to retail at £150 more than the HPI cars being close to a £1000.

However, it looks, great, has some good press so far and the internal roll cage looks amazing!

Check it out on the Losi website

Video property of Losi

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