Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Thread Lock is your friend!

Although i tell myself that so many times i never listen!

Received some new screw shafts today to convert my Savage X back to full 4WD again! HPI Part No - 86094 is what you need to get the job done.


Check the hole in the shaft is aligned with the thread hole in the cup. Doesnt show too well in the picture, my apologies I've still not installed some better lights in my workshop yet and my camera’s screen is still bust! Really must sort that out…


Fit a new screw shaft… AND USE THREAD LOCK!

While i was there i did the sensible thing and checked the same screw that ensures the front wheels get a share of the power. Guess what? That was loose! Well, it took minimal effort to release it at least, so i locked that one up to. One thing i think will need to go on the “regular checks” list.


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