Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Thunder Tiger MTA-4 Sledge Hammer S50

When you want Big Block power, and enough torque to shift the Earth backwards then it doesnt come as good as this.

This truck has a massive 8.2cc engine as standard! Its a while since I've seen such a large non purpose built example of a Nitro engine and even rarer in an RTR hobby model!

A good 30mm+ on the wheelbase over the Savage X (368 vs. 336.5mm) and just a bit wider (438 vs. 427mm) a definitive ground stomper.

Also includes a 2 speed, metal spur gear, dual steering servo’s, an alloy tuned pipe and wheelie bar, as well as the usual 2.4GHz radio system and an electric start system, that looks like a ray-gun!

Id certainly be interested to see this thing in action! It must sound immense too!



Retails for around £370

Link to Thunder Tiger info page

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  1. got one recently after a year with the mta pro 28 model too ,it is awesome! the engine seems to have lots of mid range torque ,think they robbed it from the helicopter scene?.....if you get one order an extra fuel tank to run in tandem, its easy enough to fit....its a bit juicy!!