Sunday, 30 October 2011

Water and Electricity are a great combination!

This is not true…

Massive ESC and LiPo failure on my Flux HP today!

Id took it out with the Savage X, just in case of a failure, which happened within 5 minutes…

Now, it had rained much earlier on, but had been dry for long enough that there were no puddles or saturated water, and the intended bashing area is mostly made of sand, which after testing by hand was only slightly damp in places, but again, not water logged..

So i went for it with the Flux HP, which was doing great… until there was a loud pop and some expensive smoke came billowing out from the truck body.

Turns out the Flux HP and primarily the Flux Blur (Mamba Monster) ESC is not waterproof in anyway shape or form! Even being susceptible to the smallest amounts of water.

I would appear that the sand i was driving through was much wetter than first anticipated, and was completely evident once i go the body off…

To also find my LiPo’s shorted and destroyed… this one being the worst…


It really looks much worse in that picture as it looks like its plastered with wet mud, but it was the “sticky” nature of the sand that i think helped the moisture to find its way in.

And the other wasn't in good shape either…


Managed to get them out very carefully!


Then stripped the ESC down when i got back home…


That’s well and truly had it!

Honestly… this is me learning a lesson, the hard (and expensive) way. This wasn’t a component failure, this was operator error. I'm sure the batteries and ESC were just fine. I should have made a better decision and not gone with running it even though it seemed ok to do so, as there where wet grains of sand in the circuit boards

So if your running brushless electric… completely dry days only! Unless you have waterproofed electronics!

I will replace the ESC and will look at improving its resistance against the elements, as the Savage being an off road machine will always expose it to potential hazards like this, otherwise what's the point in having one?!

Might have to be a shelf queen for a while as those ESC’s and new batteries are not cheap!

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