Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Axial Exo 1/10 Electric 4WD Terra Buggy

Recently announced by Axial. Information is scarce, but release date looks to be at the end of December into early January. Prices of around £370 RRP in what i assume is an RTR format?

Will it be brushless? No idea! But a version of each could be a possible scenario.

Will it be waterproof? One would certainly hope!

I do like the look of it, but if i decided to buy, think i will hold out and hope Axial do a kit version similar to the Wraith.

Axial Website

Check out that moulded roll cage!

axial exo frontaxial exo rearaxial exo side

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  1. To expand on this a little bit.

    After gathering further information the Exo looks to come as an unassembled kit rather than an RTR. In which case you will need to provide your own electronics, including the radio, reciever, ESC and motor.

    Latest prices.. around £350
    Leatest release date... 12th Jan 2011