Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bashing 06/11/2011

Not much done this weekend, after not feeling so well. But told myself i couldn’t sit lounging on the sofa all weekend and should get out and get some fresh air, and what better way to do so, but take a couple of models out!

As i had not ran my Hyper 7 so much since getting it rebuilt, it was the obvious choice.

It needs a bit of tuning to get it right, even though the weather was getting quite cold as the early nights draw in.

But it started fine, and ran well, although after a few passes once it had blown all the standing oil out and got to temperature it was obviously struggling a bit, so i tuned the mixture a little richer to cope with the cold air and opened up the idle slightly and it ran like a champ!

The Hyper 7 is a superb little machine, i would wholly recommend it to anyone, especially if they are just getting into the hobby.

The handling is fantastic too after its diff rebuild, the front wheels grip exceptionally well and provide excellent steering, while the slightly thicker oil in the rear causes much less slip, but enables the power to be pushed down into the ground equally instead of lighting one wheel up, and provides quite impressive power slide abilities!

Id ran a couple of tanks through it, then noticed the steering to be a bit ropey, initially assuming i had caught the trim, but to no avail. Even stood still it wasn't doing a good job of pointing the wheels in the right direction.

I go the initial fear of a mechanical failure or perhaps the Power HD servo’s budget price coming to light.

But it was much simpler.. whoever built this thing had not put the horn screw in properly…. *cough

HoBao Hyper 7 TQ Sport 06-11-2011 18-22-43

Ill have to have words with myself…

But that is all, it ran superb and its a great model! In fact it ran so well my E-Revo that had come along to provide back up services didn't really get a look in, as it was getting too cold and dark by that point.

I also still want to go to a track and see how much fun that will be with the Hyper 7. Will perhaps look at doing that in the near future.

HoBao Hyper 7 TQ Sport 06-11-2011 18-22-27

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