Friday, 4 November 2011

Class 1 Buggy - The next big thing?

So with the world wowed with the R/C revolution of Short Course (SC) Trucks and the Crawler generation as of late. what is the R/C world tempting us with the future in order to cause us to cough up our hard earned pennies?

Well its looking highly likely that the next trend will be the Class 1 Buggy. With their moulded roll cages, and long throw shocks, they have a distinctive dune buggy look to them. With the low Centre Of Gravity chassis, handling should be pretty precise, coupled with the long shocks, should enable huge landing and rough terrain capability.

With Axial recently making the Exo Terra Buggy known, HPI Racing are subtly showing off what is being called the Apache C1 Buggy.

The only pictures so far of it seem to be sourced from Facebook, and very little details, if anything at all, have been revealed so far.

The Apache C1 would suggest that it is Brushless after noting the Flux logo on the side of the body shell.

Also zooming one picture and you seem to be able to make out a Flux Blur ESC positioned in the back… 6S LiPo… i think so!

Class 1 coming to your local racetrack soon?

hpi apache class 1 buggy - 1hpi apache class 1 buggy - 2

hpi apache class 1 buggy -3

Pictures from HPI Facebook page

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