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HPI Apache C1 Flux - Official Release

Finally HPI have shown the new Apache C1 with their own words and pictures.

Kit part #107108. HPI have confirmed most of the speculation surrounding their new Class 1 buggy.

  • 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Alphastar 2350Kv Brushless Motor
  • Q-Base Brushless ESC
  • Water Proof Steering Servo
  • Water Proof Radio Box
  • Innovative Battery Box
  • Licensed Yokohama Tyres
  • Front and Rear Sway Bars
  • Adjustable 16mm Shocks
  • Monocoque Suspension Arms

WIDTH: 300mm
TIRES 114mm

So there is a few interesting things in that list. The 2.4GHz not really being anything to scream and shout about, as that's pretty much the industry standard of things and would be a bit of an insult not to include it in a higher quality RTR model.

The Motor is stated to be optimised for 4S batteries, whether this means it is limited to 4S and cannot handle 6S is unclear. But still, 14.8volts isn't really to be sniffed at!

One thing that especially concerns me about the Apache C1 is the boast of having a Water Proof Servo and Radio box, which is great… but nothing said about the ESC? Judging by the released images, one would assume that the ESC is not water proof at all, going by the open grille on the top for a cooling fan. 

I for one have been on the end of a blown ESC due to liquid ingestion! Its not fun, satisfying or cheap to experience!

One interesting thing though, the ESC appears to be mounted under that “spare wheel” arrangement on the rear of the truck body, as the wires emerge from beneath it.

Is this spare wheel an actual usable part (as a wheel obviously) or is it an ingenious protective cover for the ESC?

hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-13-17

Intended purpose or not, its still precariously mounted out on the extreme end of the chassis and will not be immune to rolling or end-over-end flips! Although that surrounding structure should help somewhat.

I would have much preferred to see the ESC mounted inboard on the chassis with some form of protection.

The Innovative Battery Box is also an interesting item as it looks like a couple of battery stays and some Velcro straps… not a bad thing, but i fail to see where the term “Innovative” fits in!

The branded tyres… nice touch, but only serves as bragging rights in my opinion! No doubt most would eventually swap them out!

Front and Rear sway bars.. a nice touch for the harder surfaces, might be a bit of a drawback on the softer ground (it is an off road vehicle after all).

The Monocoque Suspension arms, honestly, i think they look great, and they should be substantially more resistant and tougher against the inevitable impacts that components in those areas are constantly subjected to.

This is obviously comparing them to the traditional wishbone type suspension components that we have all come to know and love… and snap.

The Monocoque design should add much needed strength into those zones.

How much will the HPI Apache C1 cost?

Up to this present moment I've seen pre orders being taken at a price of around £570.

Update! 11/11/2011

The original prices of the £570 mark look to be the prelim RRP prices. I am now seeing figures of around £520 from the same sources.

When will the HPI Apache C1 be released?

Again, at the time of writing, mid February 2011 seems most likely.


£570… That's the same price as a brand new Savage Flux HP, and the Traxxas E-Revo Brushless is only another £30 more, and they both run Mamba Monster ESC’s and motors, and are certified for 6S power.

The Apache C1 however, will most likely out handle them both (especially the Savage) with its proven HB suspension.

Basically if i were looking at buying a brushless off road vehicle in this price range and were a basher rather than a track frequenter. I would be more inclined to go for the Savage due to it being insanely rugged and having a well proven following.

I'm also slightly struggling to see where this whole Class 1 Buggy Genre is going to fit in.

HPI themselves say the Apache C1 is based on the HB D8 and Vorza Flux… so is it just a slightly different type of buggy?

I know there's a real race series and competition related to this type of model and its great that model manufacturers give the fans the chance to experience the same thing in the scale world. Just look at the success of the Short Course Trucks!

I do think it needs a bit of time to evolve and establish itself, but even with my minor criticism… i still think this is going to be a big thing over the coming months.

One thing is, it does look great! The video below is superb with the camera mounted between the two figures.

Apache C1 Flux on HPI Website

HPI Pictures

hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-13-55hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-14-00hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-14-06hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-14-10hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-14-14hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-20-30hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-20-35hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-20-44hpi apache c1 09-11-2011 10-13-16

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  1. Just to reiterate the updates and correct my original conclusion.

    The £570 cost of the Apache C1 looks to have been the early signs of the RRP. As some online retailers now have it up for around £520.

    Obviously now making it quite a bit cheaper than the alternatives i mentioned.