Monday, 14 November 2011

HPI Apache SC Flux - Official Release

Announced alongside the Apache C1 Buggy, the Apache SC (#107105) is as the name states, the Short Course Truck version of the HPI’s newest breed.

Fundamentally everything looks the same underneath, with the same Alpahstar Kv2350 motor and Q-Base ESC.

The main chassis looks to have minor differences but really this looks like the end users choice of having the SC looks or the C1 Buggy looks.

Interestingly the Short Course Truck appears to be retailing a little bit cheaper, so far i have seen prices for £500 (RTR) making it £20-£30 cheaper than its C1 brother.

HPI Apache SC Flux Webpage

Pictures from the HPI website

hpi apache sc flux - 1hpi apache sc flux - 2

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