Sunday, 13 November 2011

Oneill Brothers Racing - Twin X

Every now and then you come across a product or idea that just makes you go “wow”…

Admittedly this is the first time i have come across what Oneill Brothers Racing have to offer, and their 50.8cc Twin X mod for the HPI Baja is certainly one of those “wow” products.

The impressive thing is its also a twin cylinder engine rather than a single, so the power delivery must be exceptionally smoother… but completely brutal!

After all, 50.8cc is the same as a small motorcycle/moped engine, resulting in an extremely impressive power to weight ratio.

Not a cheap conversion considering the $1600 price tag, but if money is no object then this would definitely be a worthwhile project.

Pictures are from the OBR Website and HPI’s Facebook Page

obr two cyl - 1obr two cyl - 2obr two cyl - 3obr two cyl - 4

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