Thursday, 3 November 2011

This weekends projects

So i acquired a new Flux Blur ESC for my Savage Flux HP…

The death of the last one and the replacement cost always give me a strange feeling in my stomach! This one will handled with substantially increased care! I’m also on half a thought to devise a splash proof, or at least better protection for the ESC?

Biggest problem i feel with enclosing the unit will be heat build up… would have to devise a ventilation system of some sort…

I was wondering if a small CPU/Motherboard heat pipe cooler could be integrated? To help transfer the heat away from the main unit…

Here’s a few pictures of the new item for reference…

Flux Blur ESC 03-11-2011 19-44-37Flux Blur ESC 03-11-2011 19-45-02Flux Blur ESC 03-11-2011 19-45-30Flux Blur ESC 03-11-2011 19-46-03

And as a final ditch attempt for the Revo 3.3 I've given up hope on the TRX 3.3 engine for now and managed to get hold of this OS 21TM unit for a very nice price!

I was considering using a Picco .26 as they are quite a bit cheaper, but the deal i got meant the OS was hard to resist. I also have happy and fond memories of OS engines I've used in the past, so a bit of the brand loyalty card being played.

OS 21TM 03-11-2011 19-40-40OS 21TM 03-11-2011 19-41-07OS 21TM 03-11-2011 19-43-27

I will try again in future with that TRX engine… but just for now… i want it to run! I want to use the truck!

Also ended up with a nice free gift, and a practical one at that. An organiser for glow plugs! Very handy!


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