Friday, 16 December 2011

Losi Bind-N-Drive

One of my pet hates of the whole Ready-To-Race genre of R/C models is the fact that a collector who has several models will always end up with a pile of basic radio’s and receiver’s normally swapped out for something more advanced with a model memory and appropriate receivers.

It makes sense for the casual hobbyist, as they will only ever need one at a time, however i still wish manufacturers would give the outright choice of buying their models in either a RTR format (for newbies) or at least an “Almost-Ready-To-Race” format, giving the owner the opportunity to fit their favoured brand of radio gear, just like the old days when you used to build the model from the ground up.

As a secondary result, radio less kits would cost a little less and allow the expense to be applied to a new receiver. Instead of piling that on top and then hoping for a sale on the OEM radio kit.

Losi have almost made this a reality with their Bind-And-Drive models. The minor drawback is you need a Losi or Spektrum radio. No prizes for guessing… Losi and Spektrum are one and the same.

Traxxas do offer this too with the TQ radio systems, but its a horrid and messy affair trying to program the radio with the LED’s and buttons, however the TQi radio with the iPhone dock will more or less solve all those problems.

Anyway, a recent announcement, and back to the main point, a new Losi 1/16th Scale SCT with Brushless with capability for 3S LiPo’s is now available! All yours for a very reasonable £99… if you own an appropriate radio.

Perfect for back yard bashing though while the nights are long and cold.


Losi Product Page

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