Wednesday, 12 December 2012

HPI Revolution…. finally!

Waaaaaaay back in August 2011 HPI teased us with the Revolution silhouetted press release image of what looked like a Savage with a petrol/gasoline engine installed. Set for release in 2012.

As seen HERE!

Well, we are almost at the final throws of 2012 and finally, they have shed more light on the subject.

Not known as the Revolution but the Savage XL Octane.

HPI Savage XL Octane Revolution

Quite rightly it is the well known and proven extended Savage XL chassis with that all new 15cc petrol engine on board.

HPI themselves say this…

The HPI Savage is an Award-Winning series of 4x4 monster trucks that continue to push the limits with performance, reliability and ease of use. Now with the release of the new Savage XL Octane, that level of excellence has been raised to new heights. Fans are now treated to a newly updated design of the legendary Savage platform with an awesome gasoline engine that will surprise even the most experienced drivers. The new Savage XL Octane has a host of features that throw the rulebook out and all in a great Ready-To-Run package. This revolutionary new engine will give you more torque plus longer runtime. Combined with the host of new updated performance parts to the legendary Savage platform, the Savage XL Octane will leave all other competitors in the dust!

With the specs stacking up like…

- All-new 15CC gasoline powered “Octane” engine.
- All-new ducted fan design keeps the engine cooler and more efficient.
- All-new tuned pipe matches perfect to the “Octane” engine for increased torque and overall power.
- All-new composite, triple-disc brake system.
- All-new XL truck body with scale detail and thick polycarbonate for increased toughness.
- All-new extra-strength composite roll cage increases durability.
- All-new extra large fuel tank increases the already amazing runtime.
- All-new designed alloy TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis.
- Full-time shaft drive 4WD system for maximum grip, power and acceleration.
- Proven 2-stage, oversized, oil-filled shocks.
- Sealed all-metal differentials with bulletproof bevel gears help tame the massive torque.
- 2.4GHz radio technology.
- Tough dual-stage air filter.
- Heavy-duty cam-type servo saver steering system.
- All-terrain tires w/ standardized Savage 17mm Hex Hubs.
- Proven Savage XL 3 Speed transmission.
- Proven Savage XL suspension uprights.
- Machined Steel Spur Gear.
- High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo.
- Rechargeable receiver pack and charger.
- Front and rear bumpers help protect against big hits.
- Extra tough slipper clutch for drivetrain security.

Link to the HPI news page

I am certainly looking at getting one of these trucks to start and replenish my RC collection, after sadly having to sell much of it off a few months ago to fund something else. But now i am back on track, have the RC bug, and been hanging on for one of these from the moment of that first press release, it’s certainly coming round at the right moment.

Early searching and indication would suggest the Savage XL Octane is due for release around the 1st of April 2013, with no idea of prices just yet.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Olympics RC Mini’s

Over the last few weeks i have been completely rooted to the sofa watching the BBC coverage of the Olympic Games at London 2012.

Apart from being completely amazing and an excellent result for Team GB, i didn't fail to notice the odd “machines” roaming about on the infield in the main athletics stadium.

At first we could work out what they were due to the zoomed out camera angles. But it soon transpired that they were some form of radio controlled vehicle.

After a quick search it turns out they, indeed they are! Based on the Mini (due to BMW’s sponsorship of the games) these RC retrieval buggy's were for collecting Shot, Hammer and Javelin equipment from the infield and returning it back to the other end of the field. Saving valuable time and effort from people having to access the field and manually retrieve them.

A superb idea! Would have been great to be one of the operators!

A link from the Guardian…

mini rc

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Checking in...

Just dropping in to say a quick hello, still a little down in the mouth after selling my stuff a few months back. Really didn't feel good bundling them up and sending them away. But to my knowledge their new owners are getting just as much fun out of them as i did :)

With the weather being absolutely diabolical its not been too much of an incentive to go out and play, but that seems to be letting up a little bit now.

In other good news, my leg muscles and nerves are substantially better now than they were thanks to some excellent treatment. Having this issue and standing out in the colder months running models aggravated the condition and made it less enjoyable, but I'm beginning to fight fit!

So where are we with the RC scene... well I'm still holding out for a WR8 and a Revolution, granted Ive been following things a little less recently, but good news, all the house stuff is done now!

I would like another electric model though and the Savage XS SS has definitely caught my eye. Mainly due to it being an SS (self build) and the small scale 1/16th could be quite interesting.

Will phone round a few places i think and see what deals are on offer :)

Happy bashing!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Selling up…

It comes with a great sadness that i have decided to sell my current fleet of models and equipment.
Unfortunately i need to carry out some work on my house and would benefit greatly from releasing the money i have invested in my models.

All is not lost though, i will be back later in the year with the intention of getting a WR8 and a Savage Revolution or whatever the new HPI petrol engine truck will end up being called.
All my stuff can currently be found on eBay

For Sale - Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Edition - Includes 2 Orion Carbon LiPo batteries
For Sale - Traxxas Revo 3.3 with OS 21 TM - Needs minor work to finish it off.
For Sale - HPI Savage Flux HP  - Needs radio, includes 2 LiPo batteries and a new ESC.
For Sale - HPI Savage X 4.6 - Needs radio, loads of spares, mods and accessories.
For Sale - HoBao Hyper 7 - “Project HyperFresh” fully rebuilt with mods.
For Sale - Castle Creations Programming Card
For Sale - Charging Equipment - XMove, XBase, PSU and lots of leads
For Sale - Spektrum DX3S Radio and 3 Receivers

I will be back in future :)

ALL NOW SOLD! Thank you for your interest :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

HPI WR8 Flux Revealed

I'm a bit of a “excitable child” today with all the news and pictures that are emerging from the Nurnberg Toy Fair.

I know I'm just regurgitating information posted elsewhere but cannot help pass the word on!

As predicted when the WR8 Nitro was release, which i was equally excited for, HPI have now announced the inevitable Flux Brushless Electric Version!

No gory details so far, but will this fill the hole that the RS4 Rally left behind… one can hope!

hpi wr8 flux - 1hpi wr8 flux - 2hpi wr8 flux - 3hpi wr8 flux - 4

Pics from the HPI Facebook Page

A Revolution is coming…

Remember back in August 2011 when HPI released this teaser image?

Well since that day, HPI have been very quiet on all fronts when it comes to their new 1/8th scale gasoline/petrol powered “Savage”, but thankfully today new evidence has been released to the great unwashed…

hpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline engine - 1

hpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline engine - 2

So there we have a preview of the mill itself, a reasonably conventional looking 2-stroke petrol engine with a pull start. Interesting there appears to be a nitro engine style carb attached to it. Whether this is just a publicity or prototype mock-up is not clear.

hpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline savage truck

And there is the fabled “HPI Revolution” or will it be another derivative of the Savage?

Looks like the latest iteration of the Savage X with the single shocks and orange aluminium components. The radio box appears to be replaced with a large fuel tank and the radio box now in place where the old nitro tank was found?

Where the steering servo lives is anyone's guess, but again, i feel this is a prototype and not the final finished product.

It gets better, i personally now believe that “Revolution” isn't the name of a new model, but more of progression through all of HPI’s current line up, because in the same breath of showing us a truck with a petrol engine we have also been treated to images of a buggy and both the Apache and Apache SC chassis with the same engine installed…

hpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline apache schpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline apachehpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline engine buggy

So whatever you favour… you can have the choice of the petrol engine.

So how much will the HPI Revolution or its brothers cost? Sadly we are not that far along yet as they definitely all appear in that prototype unfinished stage so far. But i would guess at a mid-2012 and maybe £450-£500 release and price tag?

They do look to be making a debut at the Nurnberg Toy Fair which is on between the dates of 01-06 Feb (starts today!) so we may start to see more images and information cropping up over the next week.

Pictures and info from the HPI Facebook page

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy 2012

Here is wishing that everyone had a great Christmas and new years break and congratulations if you received any new R/C gear.

I personally didn’t ask for anything but still ended up with a small flying indoor UFO! OK its a small, cheap and cheerful toy, but its a great laugh trying to fly it around the front room!

Although i had two weeks off work, i have been spending the time nursing a problem with back and leg, muscles and nerves (which is getting much better thankfully) so I've spent as much time as possible off my feet.

Plus the weather has been awful, cold, wet and windy, so being out with my models becomes a bit of a chore and working in a cold garage wouldn't have done my ailments much good.

At least we are now on the upside for longer day light hours coming back and hopefully a fresh and mild spring, perfect for plenty of bashing.

Looking forward to this year…. hopefully the HPI Revolution will have more news revealed, and with its potential release, after we were shown the teaser from August 2011.