Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Revolution is coming…

Remember back in August 2011 when HPI released this teaser image?

Well since that day, HPI have been very quiet on all fronts when it comes to their new 1/8th scale gasoline/petrol powered “Savage”, but thankfully today new evidence has been released to the great unwashed…

hpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline engine - 1

hpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline engine - 2

So there we have a preview of the mill itself, a reasonably conventional looking 2-stroke petrol engine with a pull start. Interesting there appears to be a nitro engine style carb attached to it. Whether this is just a publicity or prototype mock-up is not clear.

hpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline savage truck

And there is the fabled “HPI Revolution” or will it be another derivative of the Savage?

Looks like the latest iteration of the Savage X with the single shocks and orange aluminium components. The radio box appears to be replaced with a large fuel tank and the radio box now in place where the old nitro tank was found?

Where the steering servo lives is anyone's guess, but again, i feel this is a prototype and not the final finished product.

It gets better, i personally now believe that “Revolution” isn't the name of a new model, but more of progression through all of HPI’s current line up, because in the same breath of showing us a truck with a petrol engine we have also been treated to images of a buggy and both the Apache and Apache SC chassis with the same engine installed…

hpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline apache schpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline apachehpi revolution 18th petrol gasoline engine buggy

So whatever you favour… you can have the choice of the petrol engine.

So how much will the HPI Revolution or its brothers cost? Sadly we are not that far along yet as they definitely all appear in that prototype unfinished stage so far. But i would guess at a mid-2012 and maybe £450-£500 release and price tag?

They do look to be making a debut at the Nurnberg Toy Fair which is on between the dates of 01-06 Feb (starts today!) so we may start to see more images and information cropping up over the next week.

Pictures and info from the HPI Facebook page

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