Sunday, 13 May 2012

Checking in...

Just dropping in to say a quick hello, still a little down in the mouth after selling my stuff a few months back. Really didn't feel good bundling them up and sending them away. But to my knowledge their new owners are getting just as much fun out of them as i did :)

With the weather being absolutely diabolical its not been too much of an incentive to go out and play, but that seems to be letting up a little bit now.

In other good news, my leg muscles and nerves are substantially better now than they were thanks to some excellent treatment. Having this issue and standing out in the colder months running models aggravated the condition and made it less enjoyable, but I'm beginning to fight fit!

So where are we with the RC scene... well I'm still holding out for a WR8 and a Revolution, granted Ive been following things a little less recently, but good news, all the house stuff is done now!

I would like another electric model though and the Savage XS SS has definitely caught my eye. Mainly due to it being an SS (self build) and the small scale 1/16th could be quite interesting.

Will phone round a few places i think and see what deals are on offer :)

Happy bashing!