Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Olympics RC Mini’s

Over the last few weeks i have been completely rooted to the sofa watching the BBC coverage of the Olympic Games at London 2012.

Apart from being completely amazing and an excellent result for Team GB, i didn't fail to notice the odd “machines” roaming about on the infield in the main athletics stadium.

At first we could work out what they were due to the zoomed out camera angles. But it soon transpired that they were some form of radio controlled vehicle.

After a quick search it turns out they, indeed they are! Based on the Mini (due to BMW’s sponsorship of the games) these RC retrieval buggy's were for collecting Shot, Hammer and Javelin equipment from the infield and returning it back to the other end of the field. Saving valuable time and effort from people having to access the field and manually retrieve them.

A superb idea! Would have been great to be one of the operators!

A link from the Guardian…

mini rc

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